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Employee Bulletin #92
Vertical Grid Problems

To Repair

Find defective grid, fig A, and repair with JB Weld

How I Repair Grids:

But, if you are the least bit "handy" let me tell you what I would do.

Tools required:

-Curved Carpet Needle
-Heavy Thread (I prefer Dental Floss its pretty strong)
-small drill bit
-plastic knife (such as from fast food places)
- 2 part JB Weld Epoxy

Prepare Grids:

Clean grids, scrub with a low foaming detergent such a Boraxo or Dishwasher Powder. Rinse well and spray with 50/50 white vinegar and water. Let it soak for a while then rinse and let dry.
Thread your curved carpet needle and stitch any tears together snugly. You just want them to
stay together so you can use the epoxy.
For tears at bottom or top edges, drill some small holes through the plastic and stitch the filter material to the plastic edge.
When all this is done mix up some epoxy, start with small amounts to determine working time.
Using the plastic knife...spread thin layers of epoxy over the tears, and threads. It doesn't take much....just enough to cover the threads. Let dry and add another layer if necessary.
Fill the drilled holes in the plastic and you are finished.


The grids get damaged several ways.

  • Too much DE or failed to clean old DE out properly before adding new.

  • Pump too strong

  • Using Baquacil

  • Letting pressure build too high.