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Lomart Pumps, Filters and Skimmers
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           High Rate Sand Filters--Spectra 3™  Series
  • Huge, Blow Molded Tank 
    ( 17"diameter tank)
  • Large Access Port with V-Band Clamp
  • Uses #20 Grade Crystal Silica Sand for exceptional filtration
  • Sand Capacity: 150lbs. 
  • One-part Periphery Underdrain Assembly (on selected models)
  • Six Position Rotary Valve or Four Position Valve. 
  • Free standing design. 

Pump and Sand Not Included

Model 317



Ultra Promega™
  • Available in   3/4 1 and 1-1/2HP.
  • Heavy Duty, molded ABS construction for maximum durability.
  • Self-priming for superior efficiency and easy pump start-up.
  • Double-insulated to help maintain motor integrity*.

Standard Single Speed Pump

1-2364-071  3/4 HP    SOLD OUT

1-2365-071  1 HP        SOLD OUT

1-2366-071  1 1/2 HP SOLD OUT


Replaces  Old Lomart and Coleco Skimmers

Model Number Description Price  
1-4315-006 White

1-4215-006 Almond

1-4115-006 Gray

For Parts


Thru-Wall hydro Skimmer White
Formerly 1-4313-006
Thru-Wall hydro Skimmer Almond
Formerly 1-4213-006 
Thru-Wall hydro Skimmer Gray
Formerly 1-4113-006 

Includes Return Fitting

$99. White

$99. Almond 


Coping Strips

0-5611-000 24" Long Family pool Coping $.60  

Hard Plumbing Adapter Kits

0-2060-000 Kit includes 6 sanoprene adapters and 12 stainless steel clamps. Connects skimmer and return to filter and pump using 
1 1/2 inch PVC.
$47.00 adapterkit.jpg (6306 bytes)