Shipping Policy
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We expect to ship your order within 24 hrs of receipt. There are times when that will not be possible due to out of stock items or seasonally heavy increased orders. If we can not ship your order within 72 hrs we will notify you via the email address provided.

If there is a question about your order or information provided on the order we will email you. We ask you to monitor your email daily and respond to any questions. If we do not get a response to these questions we reserve the right to cancel your order.

When ordering from our parts sections we urge you to be sure that the part you have ordered is correct for your model. NOTE: Although the picture of the item may look like yours, there is sometimes differences because of model or year manufactured. Leisure Time Pools is not responsible for shipping items that may not be the correct one. (Example: You order part number 1234 and we ship part number 1234, but you claim it is not the one for your filter.) We will be responsible if we send items not ordered. (Example: You order part number 1234 and we ship part number 1235 instead.)

If an item needs to be returned or exchanged contact us via email at You will be given instructions.

Shipping Rates are calculated at time of order based on the zipcode where order will be shipped and the weight of the items shipped. You are given an option of 4 ways to ship via UPS. If you wish to have it shipped another way, please indicate  in message section of the order form. Rates may be adjusted as needed.
All rates are calculated automatically using UPS software.
US Post Office Rates- You can ask for Priority Mail Shipping which is 2 Days to most cities in the contiguous 48 states. We reserve the right to ship small articles via Priority Mail, which is usually lower than UPS rates.

To have a chance for orders to be shipped on the day you order, we must receive the order before 1pm Central Daylight Savings Time.

Business days in transit from: OKLAHOMA CITY, OK. 73122

UPS (Brown Truck) Ground Shipping Days
Save Money Check the Map Before Ordering 2nd Day Air or 3rd Day

UPS terms for shipping:

Next Day - The day following order pickup.
2nd Day- The Second day after the day of pickup
3rd Day- The Third day after the day of pickup
 Days vary depending on the zone.
 Holiday's, Saturdays and Sundays are not counted as a day.