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Repairing Cracks with SCHMEAR

Warning  !!!  Methyl Ethyl Ketone can be hazardous !!!!

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An old friend of the pool industry taught some of us lots of tricks for repairing various pool parts and equipment. One I have used for years and saved 1000's of customers lots of money. This can be used for field repair, temporary repairs or for customers that can not afford replacement. 
Caution !! Although this works well on repairs on the "pressure" side of tanks, pipes and other parts, don't rely on the repair to hold forever.  Several factors can interfere with the integrity of the repair.

Preparation and Use

What will Happen

. This  repairs cracks in PVC or ABS materials. It basically melts the plastic back together. My employees and I have used this to repair virtually anything made of PVC or ABS.

Test Material

. To test whether what you need to repair is in fact PVC or ABS, put a couple of drops of PVC Cleaner on an inconspicuous area. If after a couple of minutes the surface gets soft it can be prepared

Materials Used

  • Clean glass jar with lid
  • Some A.B.S. or PVC pieces (Broken up into small pieces (BB size), or use a saw  until you get a few  tablespoons of granules). Make sure it's clean.
  • Small can of M.E.K (Methyl Ethel Ketone) look at the PVC Primer or cleaner cans they are usually M.E.K.

How To Make "Schmear":

WARNING !!!   Don't smoke, Don't use indoors. Use in well ventilated area. Be aware of the hazards See Hazards
  • Put the PVC pieces in the jar. Pour equal amounts of M.E.K. in the jar replace jar lid and let dissolve. Constant stirring or rolling of the jar will dissolve it faster. Large amounts (1 or 2 cups full would take overnight to dissolve.)
  • The "Schmear" is ready when it is the consistency of maple syrup. (If you make it too thick,  thin it with more M.E.K.. If you make it too thin  Let it sit with the lid off awhile. Leave it outside!!!

To Use:

  • If the surface of the crack must be used, such as where a gasket may be used, then  grind out the crack in a V shape. Start applying the Schmear a little at a time to build up the material and let it dry each time.
  • In areas where strength is  needed  add some on the back side.
  • When doing small hairline cracks use small amounts of Schmear and let it dry overnight before using. Larger patches take 24 hours or more to dry.