Spring Clean Up For Above Ground Pools
(Although Most Principles Apply To All Pools)

Most pool water clarity problems during the season are caused by the failure to completely clean your pool during Spring Cleanup.  If your pool water is really bad, there is no way to clean it without spending several hours of work.  If the water is extremely bad (dark green or black) a second chemical treatment may be necessary. Warning !! You may not be able to drain some pools without causing some physical damage to the pool or liner. If you are not sure email me at LTP@coxinet.net for more info.  
If you can avoid stirring up the bottom during any part of the cleanup process, it will make your job much easier.

Part 1 --Clean Up-

  1. Remove cover carefully. ( You don't want to dump any debris into the pool.)
  2. Inspect and tighten the screws around the skimmer and return. NOTE- Follow pool manufacturer's instructions about replacing gaskets and inspection of the metal around skimmer and return openings.
  3. Inspect and hook up filter system, checking for brittle hose. (Also if you didn't winterize check for freeze damage in colder climates.)
  4. Fill the pool to the proper level, start filter running and make sure you have good water circulation.
  5. Remove any leaves or debris from the pool using a leaf rake or leaf bagger made for pools.
  6. Vacuum pool. NOTE- If the bottom has a lot of dirt and debris, do not pump it through the filter. Refer to vacuum to waste instructions below.
  7. During the Chemical Treatment phase you will have time to clean and wax all metal parts of the pool as well as clean the vinyl liner at the water line.


Part 2 Chemical Treatment
  1. Backwash or otherwise clean your filter, make sure you have good circulation.
  2. Test pH of water. It should be in the normal range (7.2 - 7.8).
  3. Use ProTeam Mustard and Black Magic according to the label. (2 level capfuls or 4 oz per 10,000 gallons) add directly to the pool.
  4. Add 3 lb. Pro Team  Power Magic or Leisure Time Concentrated granular  per 10,000 gallons. NOTE- If water is extremely bad, double all dosages.
  5. Run the filter continuously and clean as necessary until the pool is clear.
  6. After the water has cleared, finish vacuuming any dirt.
  7. Add algaecide according to label instructions. Adjust pH to normal (7.2-7.8).
  8. Start your normal chlorinating program.
Vacuum To Waste

There are many times during the care of your pool when you must be able to vacuum the bottom of the pool.  Sometimes, when the dirt is extremely heavy it will clog the filter.  The following information will be helpful..

  1. If you have a valve on your filter with a "waste position", simply change your valve position to waste and vacuum your pool. Keep an eye on the strainer baskets, they will fill up quickly.
  2. If you do not have a waste position on your valve... do one of the following.
  • Remove the hose between the pump and filter, then attach a backwash hose to the pump.  You will be using the pump only.  NOTE- The strainer basket may need to be cleaned often.
  • If the pool water level is above-ground you can use your vacuum as a siphon.  To do this, simply, hook up your vacuum with the pump running and the vacuum in the water, disconnect the vacuum hose at the skimmer, hold your hand over the end while it is under the water, pull that end rapidly over the the edge of the pool below the water line and let go. The siphon will start. This is the best way to vacuum, but, it can only be done on an above ground pool.  Understand the moves before you try them. It works well.

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